Coffee and Art

I love our new coffee maker. We call it our coffee robot. It’s that easy. Just pop in a coffee disc, press the giant button and out comes coffee. No measuring, pouring, cleaning. My almost-3-year-old daughter practically makes my coffee every morning. She’s developed a bit of an obsession with steamed milk (‘coffee milk,’ as she calls it). It’s just frothy milk with a tiny bit of sugar (or ‘sprinkles,’ again, in Jenna-speak), so I don’t mind. Another side effect of our new coffee robot (and my tendency to go overboard buying things in bulk through Amazon Prime) is a pile of coffee filters for our old machine. By my estimation, we have about 350 coffee filters on hand.

What to do with hundreds of coffee filters? Make art, of course.

For Valentine’s Day, I cut hearts out of the same filters and let J+J dip-dye them, much like dyeing Easter eggs. Jenna LOVED this activity and kept requesting more and more hearts. So this weekend, I brought back the dip-dye coffee filters, this time in flower form.

I started by cutting the filters into flower shapes:

Next,  I prepared the dye. Last time I used food coloring, but this time I tried watercolors:

And then Jenna went to work:

We let the filter flowers dry and then glued them to paper to create bouquets:

On a related note, here’s morning Jenna, wiping a little coffee milk off her chin: