Friday Favorites and a Wreath Round-up

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I’m planning a big make-our-own-wreaths extravaganza with the kids this weekend. I’m not very far along in the planning phase, but I have collected many examples of awesome DIY wreaths … and hopefully I’ll have a few of our own ready to share on Monday.

A few other favorites from around the web this week:

  • I’m completely obsessed with the site Things Organized Neatly. If it inspires me to organize my closet, my desk or even a single drawer, I will consider my hours spent on this site well worth the time.
  • Did you see this watercolor confetti? Gorgeous.
  • Do you have a holiday gift giving tradition in your family? I’m considering giving J+J a work of art every year, and this print┬áis currently at the top of my list for Jason.