A Dollhouse Update

So, the official deadline of the dollhouse challenge organized by Emily Henderson is tomorrow, Dec 15th. As you can tell from the photo below, my dollhouse needs a wee bit more work, more than I could possibly finish in 24 hours. Luckily for me, my true deadline is Christmas morning so I’ve got a couple of weeks to wrap things up.

Here’s the current status of things …

Decorating a dollhouse is messy work and it’s hard to keep it all hidden. I won’t be surprised at all if Jenna walks down the stairs on Christmas morning and asks if I’m giving my dollhouse, the one I’ve been playing with in my office for the past 3 months, to her for Christmas. Jason has already found one of his presents (which I hid in a bag, on the kitchen counter), so it’s clear that I completely underestimate them in this area.

The living room is almost complete but is still without any flooring. I love the sofa and chair that I purchased. I made the toothpick mirror, lamp and table, and I’m still hoping to find a furry rug. And speaking of furry, yes, that is my cat in the picture. He is fascinated by the dollhouse and tries to get in all of the pictures.

The kitchen is pretty much complete but I might add some pictures on the wall – or I might draw something on the right wall which is covered in chalkboard paper. I purchased the furniture set here.

The bedroom furniture arrived last week so the only thing remaining for this room is the bedding, which I plan to make myself. I still have 2 weeks, right?

The biggest missing piece is the upstairs, which I had planned to divide into 2 rooms: a child’s room and a bathroom. I decided that was too complicated, so now I’m going to use the space as an artist studio.

Anyone else participating in the challenge? I’d love to see your dollhouse – share a link below.

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