From Mommy’s Kitchen to Play Kitchen

Our house is overflowing with toys. So much so that I often resist buying new ones, despite much pleading from J+J. Last summer I revamped Jenna’s outdoor water table in an effort to make it seem like an entirely new toy, and I have to say, that was pretty successful. This week I tried a similar approach by repurposing a few things from my own kitchen that were likely headed for the trash.

The Materials

Getting Started

First, I mixed some acrylic craft paint that I had on hand.

The Spoons

I painted the wooden spoons with a paint brush, but the smaller spoon I dipped into the paint. Once the spoons were dry, I added a coat of decoupage glue. I tried to capture step-by-step photos as I was going along, but didn’t quite pull that off. Luckily, I found this tutorial that does a great job documenting the painted spoons.

Bowls and Cutting Board

The bowls were much more of a challenge (for me, at least). I started out trying to dip the bowls so that they were half-dipped, half wood, but that was pretty messy and I couldn’t figure out how to let them dry without paint dripping everywhere. Instead, I poured some paint inside the bowl and then continued to tilt the bowl until the paint covered the entire surface of the interior. I also covered these in decoupage glue once they were dry. One of the bowls I think I left to dry too long before covering with glue, and the paint became cracked. I think it’s probably best to coat them as soon as the paint is dry instead of waiting a couple of days (like I did).

For the cutting board, I used decoupage glue to cover the surface with pink paper and then added a few circles. As you can probably guess by now, Jenna loves pink!

A Few of the Finished Products

And Into Jenna’s Kitchen