An Alice-in-Wonderland-Inspired Tea Party

We celebrated Jenna’s 4th birthday this weekend with an Alice-in-Wonderland-inspired tea party. When I asked her later that night what her favorite part was, she said ‘the goody bags,’ which was hysterical to me because 1) she didn’t actually receive a goody bag and 2) the goody bags were the one thing I didn’t get a picture of. Oh well. Here are the things I did manage to photograph:

The outdoor Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

The teacup cake, inspired by this adorable cake

Playing tea party

Jenna as the Cheshire Cat and the Queen

Tea Party Photo Booth

Outdoor tea party set-up and Jenna blowing out the candles

We served fruit, cookies and petit-fours

Lots of petit-fours

Jason as the Mad Hatter

A game of croquet at the Queen’s Court

Tea for mommies and daddies

Jenna as the Queen, sitting on her new throne

Pre-party dress rehearsal, which turned out to be the only time she would wear the dress

The invitations and thank you cards, which you can download here.

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