Designing With Children’s Drawings: Part 1

It’s no secret that Jenna LOVES to draw, and as much as I enjoy her doodles taped all over the walls of our home, I’m always looking for more creative things to do with her drawings. Earlier this year I made a series of thank you cards with her drawings, and I also recently found out about a company that transforms kids’ drawings into stuffed animals. Very cool.

But I decided to take a more practical route and design a couple of things I know we’ll use. First up: tote bags. Who doesn’t need more of those on hand during the summer months?  So I tracked down my current favorite Jenna drawing (a map of our neighborhood) and went to work with my photo transfer paper.

I made the bag for me, but I suspect I might have a bit of competition the next time I’m headed out the door.

Stay tuned next week for another design.