Yesterday I was amazingly lucky to have attended Alt NYC. It was a full day of talks by bloggers, designers and editors, and I’m a bit overwhelmed by all of the ideas and excitement running around in my head. I hope to process it and share more of the takeaways, but in the meantime, I thought I would tell you about some of the people I met throughout the day.

I attended Alt with my friend Tara Wilson, whom I met at Alt SLC earlier this year (Alt is all about the people, right?). Soon after arriving at Martha Stewart headquarters yesterday, I tracked down Elizabeth Swartz (aka Seagrass Studio), whom I knew through an online photography course. It’s pretty awesome to experience a friendship go from online to the real thing. Elizabeth put it best when she said, “I found my tribe.”

The morning keynote was by Tina Roth-Eisenberg (aka Swiss Miss), who has done quite a few amazing things in her life (oh, like teuxdeux, tattly, creative mornings and I could go on), but what impressed me most was how she talked about family, balance and pursuing your passion. A topic on my mind quite a bit lately.

On a related note, I’m currently sporting a camera Tattly tattoo on my left arm. Clearly, I need to share some pictures of the event, which I will do soon.

In the afternoon, I listened to a panel with Jenny (Little Green Notebook), Natalie (Nat the Fat Rat) and Katie (Matchbook Magazine) and loved hearing the specifics behind their career paths. They’ve been doing this blogging thing for awhile and it was encouraging to know that things rarely happen overnight.

Oh, and it was during this presentation that Martha, yes that Martha, walked in the room. she proceeded to the stage and I was literally sitting 3 feet from her. As much as I love being able to say I was right next to Martha, it would have been fun to stand in the back and get a shot of the sea of iPhones snapping pics.

Fast forward to the rooftop after-party, where, in my typical introverted way I was content to take in the view, snap some pics and hang out with my peeps (all 2 of them). Tara, however, had a different plan, and suffice it to say she pushed me (‘shoved’ is a bit more accurate) into meeting one of the people I admire most in this space – Design Mom – who is every bit as gracious in real life as she seems. She even hugged me!

Also along the way I met photographer Justin Hackworth, Sarah (Note to Self), Katie (Land of Nod), the hilarious Rachel (Handmade Charlotte) and Grace (A Storied Style), whom I didn’t talk to as much as I’d like but who is also from Fort Worth so I’m hoping I’ll see again soon.

It’s true what they say, Alt is all about the people you meet.