Decoupage Fabric Flowers

Have you ever bought craft supplies without any idea of what you’ll do with them?

During my recent trip to NY, Purl SOHO was at the very top of my must-see list. I don’t know how to sew/knit/crochet, so such a visit was somewhat in the realm of wishful thinking. But standing amid the bins of brightly colored bliss, I knew I couldn’t leave empty handed.

I picked out some pink yarn, a few fabric remnants and some felt beads to take back to Texas. I had no particular project in mind, only a hope that visiting the shop and taking home a few souvenirs would inspire great things.

I haven’t exactly landed on greatness, but I did make a couple of pretty cute fabric flowers with some of the remnants I purchased, so I thought I would share a quick tutorial below. The flowers are pretty sturdy, so they would make great accents on shoes, belts, purses, hair accessories, etc. I have yet to decide how I will use them, but judging from my daughter’s reaction, I’m pretty sure she has a few ideas.


  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Small scrap of cardstock
  • Decoupage glue (I used Modge Podge)
  • Paint brush
  • Needle and thread
  • Paper clip (optional)
  • Buttons or brads (optional)


I started by cutting a small petal shape out of card stock. I folded a piece of fabric and cut a petal along the fold, resulting in a front and back petal shape. I repeated this until I had 8 petal shapes.

I covered the top of the petal shapes with decoupage glue and let them dry. Once dry, I applied glue to the inside of the petals and then folded them over.

Once the petal shapes were completely dry, I sewed them together at the base of the petals to form a circle.

Once the flower was assembled, I added a generous amount of glue to the center to make it sturdier.

I placed a couple of decorative brads in the center, but buttons would work just as well.

Have you ever bought crafting materials without a particular project in mind?