A Dinner Party with Kids

I’m no expert on keeping kids entertained during dinner parties, but this weekend we had a small gathering that seemed pretty enjoyable for both kids and parents, so I thought I would share my example of a kid – and parent – friendly dinner party.

I like to have one planned activity ready to go for the kids, but I don’t invest too much time in it, just in case it doesn’t capture their interest. Our dinner on Saturday was a make-your-own-grilled-pizza party, so I bought some aprons that the kids could decorate with fabric markers and made a few fabric stickers my Xyron sticker maker. I also made extra dough that they could play with after the aprons were complete. We never made it to the dough-playing, but the aprons turned out to be quite a hit, as was the pizza “decorating.”

Here are a few scenes from our evening: