A Blank Canvas

the new kitchen

We’ve lived in our new home for 3 weeks now, and I think we finally reached the point where the boxes are (mostly) unpacked, the walls are freshly painted, and we can start thinking about furniture and decorating. It’s an exciting and also overwhelming place to be. We have more space to work with than in our previous home, so a few rooms are entirely empty and I’m ok with that.

painting the living room

I read a post on Modern Parents, Messy Kids recently about moving into your “Forever Home,” a place where you can see yourself settling in and raising a family for years and years. This is exactly how I feel about our new home – and I have to admit, it puts a bit of added pressure on every decision I make. Will I like that in 10 years, in 20 years? Maybe I’m over-thinking it a bit, but I’m definitely taking my time.

our new home - a blank canvas

On a related note, I will be guest posting on Modern Parents, Messy Kids starting next week. What will I be writing about? Our Forever Home, of course.