Gingerbread Houses: Shopkins Edition

This year's gingerbread house decorating took on a Shopkins theme.

This weekend marked our annual gingerbread decorating day. It’s become a Christmas tradition, and I’m surprised by how much J + J continue to love this activity, even as they get older and the latest wave of popular obsessions (Star Wars, Minecraft, etc.) seem to dominate their time. This year’s gingerbread decorating, however, didn’t exactly escape the hold of popular culture. In fact, Jenna’s Shopkins toys were the focus of her gingerbread endeavor this year.


For those who aren’t familiar with Shopkins, they are are tiny plastic toys that personify everyday consumer products – things like eggs, notebooks and shoes. Truth be told, they are pretty cute, and their names further their appeal. Mary Mobile is a mobile phone, Kooky Cookie is, of course, a cookie and there’s even Ginger Fred, a gingerbread house. Jenna has amassed quite a collection of these adorable characters over the past couple of months.


Jenna not only used her gingerbread house as the site of a Shopkins character party, she also filmed a video in which she narrated a story of the little figures as they gather around the house to celebrate Christmas and mostly comment on the decorations of the house.


In the past two months or so, Shopkins have become huge at our house. They’ve even become inspiration for the art Jenna creates. Meet Snow Crush, a season one special edition that Jenna painted in watercolors:


And even Jason is willing to play Shopkins alongside his sister. Shopkins are perfectly scaled to his Minecraft minifigures, so Minecraft/Shopkins mash-ups games have become part of their daily routine.