Building a Treehouse

Treehouse In-Progress with custom build plans

The treehouse in our backyard is almost complete. The only remaining step is to paint the house to match our house and backyard shed. We started the treehouse as a gift for Jenna’s birthday, but over the past few weeks, I think we’ve all grown equally excited about the little hideaway we’ve created.

Our initial plan was for a simple, look-out tower style treehouse, but then I came across the picture below (on the right) and thought a similar treehouse would look pretty amazing aside our shed, which is where we decided to place the treehouse. And so a more elaborate treehouse build began – one that took our initial idea for a simple, open treehouse and combined it with the angled lines of the treehouse (and our shed) below.

Treehouse Inspiration

More details about the inspiration treehouse, along with construction plans, can be accessed here.

And here is our simpler variation, awaiting paint but otherwise perfectly functional as a site for adventure:

treehouse4 treehouse5

Backyard Treehouse