Emoji Birthday Party

Emoji Birthday Party

We recently hosted a backyard birthday party for Jenna, who is completely obsessed with all things emoji right now. Luckily, this was a very easy theme to pull together, as there is no shortage of emoji accessories in the world today.

Here are a few of the activities and decorations included in the festivities:

Face Painting, Emoji-Style

Emoji Face Painting

We hired Fancy Faces by Veronica and had a wonderful artist who tailored her creations to the theme extremely well.

Emoji Mask-Making and Photo Booth

Emoji mask making and photo booth

For the photo booth props, I attached large yellow paper plates to large popsicle sticks and let the girls decorate the ‘faces’ with eyes, mouths and other accessories that I cut in advance. I also included plain paper, scissors and paper punches so they could create their own facial features. Once the mask props were complete, each of the girls posed for pictures:

Emoji Birthday Party with an emoji-themed photo booth.

Emoji Necklaces

Emoji birthday party with an emoji necklace-making activity

The girls also designed their own emoji pendant necklaces using these pendants along with a selection of beads.

Emoji Cake

Emoji-themed birthday cake.

For the cake, I purchased a plain white cake at a local grocery store, frosted the top in yellow frosting and used Wilton’s Sugar Sheets to cut out the emoji face details. The sugar sheets were super easy to use. The instructions said to use scissors, but I started with an exacto knife, thinking I could achieve a more precise design. In the end, scissors definitely won out. I purchased white and black sheets and brushed a little bit of red food coloring mixed with water onto the white sheet to achieve the light pink color.

Emoji Piñata

Emoji Piñata

I’m not sure why, but the highlight of every birthday party we’ve held is the piñata. This year’s variation was an adorable girly emoji found on Etsy. It was almost too cute to swing a bat at … almost. As usual, it took the girls about 3 tries each before it finally cracked, spilling handfuls of yellow bubble gum balls, emoji tattoot sets and emoji Pez dispensers. Did I mention how much emoji-themed stuff there is in the world?

For those of you planning a similar party theme, here are some of the additional items pictured above but not yet linked to: emoji mylar balloons, emoji birthday party set (gift bags, cups, paper plates), emoji pillows, yellow paper lanterns (decorated with paper cut-outs) and Jenna’s emoji party dress.

Happy Birthday, Jenna!