Merry Christmas 2016

Christmas Outtake - Jenna Jumping

Happy April Fool’s Day! What better day to begin posting to a blog that hasn’t seen an entry since May of last year. And what prompted me to come out of a nearly 11-month hiatus? Christmas.

I was recently going through my camera storage card to delete old photos, and I came across the outtakes from our 2016 Christmas cards. Christmas outtakes are a bit of a thing around here (2013 and 2012), and last year’s was extra full of personality. So in the spirit of Christmas (with a little spirit of April Fools baked in), I’m sharing a few of my favorites. Maybe they’ll inspire a theme for your next holiday cards. 

The Nerf Attack


The ‘I Can’t Hear You’

Christmas Outtake

The Holiday Drama

Christmas Outtake

The Sister Tackle

Christmas Outtake

The “Mom asked us to work with this prop, so just go with it”

Christmas Outtake

The ‘Quick, I Think I See A Way Out of This Photo Shoot’ 

Christmas Outtakes

Revisiting these photos made me realize how much I miss having a blog to look back at the happy moments of our lives. So I’m hoping my plan to pop back in every once in awhile proves to be more than an April Fool’s Day hoax.