Largest Nerf Battle. Ever.

Jason at the Nerf Battle

Last night we attended Jared’s Epic Nerf Battle 2 at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. The previous year’s event set the world record for the largest Nerf battle ever, and this year saw an even larger attendance, with approximately 3000 warriors battling on the field. Jason learned about the event via one of his current youtube heroes (Coop772), and since the stadium is in Arlington, just south of our hometown, we immediately decided to go. Coop was there, as were several other “famous nerf youtubers.” Here’s Coop at the kick-off – along with a highly excited Jason in the audience:

We went all-out with our Nerf-themed outfits: bandoliers, bullet-carrying vests and matching protective eyewear. I made my bandolier out of duck tape about an hour before the event and was pretty happy with my last-minute crafty costume addition.


The 3-hour event likely exceeds most parents’ attention spans, but my children (especially Jason) could have kept going all night. Judging from the talk of all-things Nerf this weekend, I think this may rank as Jason’s most exciting event all year.

Here he is on the field, which was covered in giant inflated barricades used for protection and building mini hide-outs.
Jason on the Nerf battle field

There were significantly fewer girls on the field than boys, but they managed to make quite an impact during the Girls vs Boys battle. I posted this video of the girls making their attack on our new family youtube channel (more on that later):

If you live in the DFW area and have Nerf-loving children, I highly recommend the experience. Though crowded and a potentially risky environment for younger kids, the organizer did a phenomenal job of reuniting lost children with their parents and maintaining a safe environment. If Jason is still loving Nerf next year at this time, I’m sure we’ll be back.