A Unicorn and Rainbow Birthday

Jenna on a unicorn

Last weekend we celebrated Jenna’s 9th birthday with a unicorn and rainbow party in our backyard. It’s not everyday you get to meet a unicorn, so this was a pretty fun theme to plan a party around, and Jenna loved spending time with Zip, our pony/unicorn for the afternoon.

Unicorn pony

When the girls arrived, they were each given their own unicorn horn to wear and they determined their unicorn name using a code that Jenna and I created. Jenna’s name was Golden Rainbow Sea. Mine was Golden Pink Star. (You can download and print our poster here).

unicorn name poster

During the party, we also played at the ‘rainbow lab’ where the girls could mix their own rainbow slime. We pre-made the slime to keep things less messy and then let the girls mix colors and/or create a rainbow effect by combining different colors. We had small containers available for the girls to place the samples into, and they took these – along with the unicorn horns – home as the party favors.

Our recipe for slime: 1 cup Elmers Glue, 1/3 cup liquid starch and one drop of food coloring.

rainbow slime


My favorite last-minute addition to the party was this bubble machine, which will be a source of backyard fun all summer. This bubble machine generates a ton of bubbles. Here’s a still from a video I took of Jason and Jenna testing it out a few days before the party:

bubble machine blowing bubbles

I think the party-goers favorite was the Instax camera. Some of the girls had never seen a camera that printed pictures before! Instax recently released the Mini 9, and the Mini 8s can now be purchased for nearly half the usual price. It was definitely a hit!

Instax camera and photos

And no rainbow unicorn party would be complete without a rainbow cake. Ours was a light pastel, in keeping with the color palette of the party.

Rainbow birthday cake

And, finally, for anyone hosting a Rainbow Unicorn party, here is an invitation template in Photoshop (PSD) format. You will need Photoshop and Ostrich Sans font to edit the template file.

free unicorn birthday party template