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12 Minecraft Decorating Ideas

12 Minecraft Decorating Ideas that Even Moms Can Love

My son is becoming a huge Minecraft fan. It’s just a matter of time before his room starts to take on the appearance of a pixelated grassland biome. I’m staying ahead of the game by doing some decorating research now. And those matching geometric pixel print and pillow? I wouldn’t mind those in my room.


  1. Geometric Pixel Print
  2. Minecraft Wall Decal
  3. Turf Grass Pillow
  4. Cube Light
  5. Volume Poster
  6. Torch Lamp
  7. Pixel Pillow
  8. Geometric Pixel Pillow
  9. Sherwin-Williams Minecraft ‘Chip It’ Colors (Colors found on Pinterest here. Color match service from Sherwin-Williams found here)
  10. Crafting Poster
  11. Minecraft-inspired Carpet Squares
  12. Personalized Minecraft Print


Mini Desk Makeover: Lego Style

A mini makeover of my son's desk including two super easy Lego DIY desk projects.

Recently both of my children have become focused on having desks in their rooms. I’d like to think it’s related to a desire to spend more time studying, but I know that’s not the case. Instead, I think they’ve taken an interest in defining their own space, and setting up desks for reading, drawing and placing their ‘stuff’ is just part of the process.

After the recent updates to Jenna’s room, I wanted to make some quick progress on Jason’s playroom (which we’ve already started calling his “office”). He already had a desk, but it was more of a surface for creating with Legos than it was a space for studying.

Over the weekend, I completely converted the space from Lego play table to Lego office space. And the best part: I did it using materials we already had on hand, without buying anything new. (more…)

DIY Simple Scalloped Mirror

Update a plain mirror with a scalloped border for a girl's room

I’ve been working on Jenna’s closet for an upcoming post on Modern Parents, Messy Kids, and one of the items in need of an update was her mirror. It’s a basic, tall, white-framed mirror that we most likely purchased at Target or IKEA years ago. It’s held up pretty well, but it just didn’t fit the girly look I was going for.

My solution: add a border of paper half circles to create a scalloped frame.

Here’s how I did it. For a more sturdy and permanent solution, you could also use balsam wood circles (found at many craft stores) painted in any color.

DIY Scalloped Mirror: Update a plain mirror with a scalloped border for a girl's room

Felt + Yarn Garland

felt and yarn garland

I made a simple holiday garland this weekend using material I had on hand. I purchased some felt balls from Purl Soho a few months ago and had been wanting to put them to use. I’ve seen a couple of felt ball garlands online and it made me wish I had purchased more.  Since I only had a handful, I decided to combine them with felt flowers and pom poms.


I made the flowers by cutting petals out of felt and sewing them together in the center. I used this tutorial, minus the decoupage/glue step.


For the poms poms, I used this tutorial. Jenna really wanted to help, so I wrapped the yarn around her hands to form the pom poms instead of my own.


Once the pieces were ready, I threaded everything onto red and white striped twine.


And then I placed the garland along our windows in the kitchen.

I Heart: Display Boxes for Littles

I’m seriously loving all of the use of boxes, drawers and crates for displaying cherished little objects. But I have to wonder if the objects displayed stay on display. In my kids’ rooms, the shelves are usually bare and every other surface – especially the floor – is completely covered. Maybe my kids are just messier … or maybe I just need higher shelves?

1 /2

1 / 2

1 / 2

1 / 2

DIY Art Display Dots

I am always on the lookout for ways to display children’s art. I especially love ideas that let children hang up their own art, as Jenna loves to decorate the walls with her pictures. Last week, I made these simple ‘art dots’ that allow you to easily display something on the wall and just as easily remove it or reposition it later.

To create the art dots, I used a package of small wood discs purchased at a craft store (1 1/4 inch diameter), along with Scotch removable mounting squares, Martha Stewart patterning tape, acrylic paints and a brush.

Here’s how I created the dots:

I Heart: Vintage School Style

We’re down to less than 2 weeks before Jason’s starts school. I haven’t seen his classroom yet, but I’m pretty certain it will look nothing like the classrooms I remember. The desk in #6 looks so ancient to me now, but I’m certain I sat in one of those back in the day. I can’t help but have a bit of nostalgia for the classrooms of my childhood, but I certainly hope Jason’s digs are more comfortable.

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Friday Favorites

A few favorites from my week:

Happy Weekend!

Instatime: A DIY Instagram Clock

Jason is starting kindergarten this year, and I’ve recently started talking to him about what to expect at school – the activities he’ll be doing, how he’ll get there, when he’ll come home, etc. And since I’m pretty obsessed with Instagram, I decided to make a clock using pictures I’ve taken of his daily activities. This way, he’ll have a visual depiction of his day. Now maybe he’ll learn what to expect when school starts and – even better – learn how to tell time. I think it might be catching on. When I first gave him the clock yesterday afternoon, he immediately told his sister it was time for playdough. Lesson learned.

I’m working on a step-by-step tutorial, but here’s a sneak peek:

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