Children’s Decor

DIY Simple Scalloped Mirror

Update a plain mirror with a scalloped border for a girl's room

I’ve been working on Jenna’s closet for an upcoming post on Modern Parents, Messy Kids, and one of the items in need of an update was her mirror. It’s a basic, tall, white-framed mirror that we most likely purchased at Target or IKEA years ago. It’s held up pretty well, but it just didn’t fit the girly look I was going for.

My solution: add a border of paper half circles to create a scalloped frame.

Here’s how I did it. For a more sturdy and permanent solution, you could also use balsam wood circles (found at many craft stores) painted in any color.

DIY Scalloped Mirror: Update a plain mirror with a scalloped border for a girl's room

Felt + Yarn Garland

felt and yarn garland

I made a simple holiday garland this weekend using material I had on hand. I purchased some felt balls from Purl Soho a few months ago and had been wanting to put them to use. I’ve seen a couple of felt ball garlands online and it made me wish I had purchased more. ┬áSince I only had a handful, I decided to combine them with felt flowers and pom poms.


I made the flowers by cutting petals out of felt and sewing them together in the center. I used this tutorial, minus the decoupage/glue step.


For the poms poms, I used this tutorial. Jenna really wanted to help, so I wrapped the yarn around her hands to form the pom poms instead of my own.


Once the pieces were ready, I threaded everything onto red and white striped twine.


And then I placed the garland along our windows in the kitchen.

I Heart: Display Boxes for Littles

I’m seriously loving all of the use of boxes, drawers and crates for displaying cherished little objects. But I have to wonder if the objects displayed stay on display. In my kids’ rooms, the shelves are usually bare and every other surface – especially the floor – is completely covered. Maybe my kids are just messier … or maybe I just need higher shelves?

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DIY Art Display Dots

I am always on the lookout for ways to display children’s art. I especially love ideas that let children hang up their own art, as Jenna loves to decorate the walls with her pictures. Last week, I made these simple ‘art dots’ that allow you to easily display something on the wall and just as easily remove it or reposition it later.

To create the art dots, I used a package of small wood discs purchased at a craft store (1 1/4 inch diameter), along with Scotch removable mounting squares, Martha Stewart patterning tape, acrylic paints and a brush.

Here’s how I created the dots:

I Heart: Vintage School Style

We’re down to less than 2 weeks before Jason’s starts school. I haven’t seen his classroom yet, but I’m pretty certain it will look nothing like the classrooms I remember. The desk in #6 looks so ancient to me now, but I’m certain I sat in one of those back in the day. I can’t help but have a bit of nostalgia for the classrooms of my childhood, but I certainly hope Jason’s digs are more comfortable.

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