Summer Tie-Dye t-Shirts

tie dye

It’s only the end of June, and J+J are already wanting to spend their entire days in the comfort of air conditioning. This weekend I made an extra effort to plan outdoor activities to draw them into the backyard, at least in the morning hours when the temperatures are still bearable. One activity we tried was tie-dying t-shirts, something Jenna loved quite a bit.

tie dye

Minimalist Vacation Packing

We’re heading out on vacation soon, and I have to admit, I love packing. I’m a minimalist at heart, so the exercise of coordinating great outfits while taking the least amount of clothes is a fun challenge. This year, we’re going on a cruise and will be stopping at a few beaches along the way. Sounds easy, right? A swimsuit and sandals should do the trick, but … there are also formal dinners and the ever-present chance of rain in the Caribbean. So, in my usual minimalist way, I’m sticking with mostly neutrals in white, gold and navy. Here is my minimal packing wish list:

cruise packing wish list

Sources: Hat / Emergency Kit / Tote / Swimsuit / Kaftan / Jacket / Sandals / Passport Cover / Scarf / Swim Cover-up

Polka Dot Glitter Shoes

Polka dots are popping up everywhere this fall, especially in children’s fashion. I love polka dots, but my daughter is more fond of pink and glittery, so I decided to make a pair of pink polka dot glitter shoes for her. What girl wouldn’t love that?

This project was surprisingly easy and cost around $20 to complete.


  • Canvas Shoes (I purchased a pair of Mary Jane style shoes at a craft store)
  • White fabric paint
  • Glitter fabric paint
  • Glitter
  • Stencil brush (the round sponge brush was they key to making perfect circles)

Step 1: Paint the Shoes

I started by placing some white paint on a paper plate and adding a single row of three circles along the front of the shoe. I considered using a ruler, but decided that the placement didn’t need to be exact. Once I added the first row of dots, I continued to work in offset rows from the front of the shoe to the back. When the shoe was completely covered, I went back over very lightly with a second coat of white paint.

Step 2: Let Dry

Once the shoes were covered in dots, I let them dry for a couple of hours.

Step 3: Glitter the Shoes

I worked in small sections for this step. I added a couple of dots of glitter paint using the stencil brush and then lightly sprinkled the glitter over these dots. I shook the shoe a bit to get the wet glitter paint to pick up more of the glitter and then blew on the shoes to remove the excess glitter (and reposition it on the floor … who doesn’t appreciate a little extra sparkle?). I continued this process until the entire shoes were covered in sparkles.

All Done

I let the finished shoes dry overnight before letting my daughter wear them. According to the instructions, the paint is safe to wash after drying for a full 72 hours.

I Heart: Back to School Shopping

Jason is starting kindergarten in a couple of weeks, so it’s time to start back-to-school shopping. I knew that I was more than a little excited about this annual tradition, but as I was preparing this post, a package (or maybe three) arrived at our door. Turns out, I’m not the only one excited about back-to-school shopping. Grandma got bit by the back-to-school bug too. Jason is going to be one stylin’ little boy!

Friday Favorites

This is my favorite Paris souvenir, a tote from Fleux. I love the colors, especially the neon pink. I’m usually pretty content in my neutral wardrobe but lately I’ve been craving more color. I’m considering this dress, which seems like a good balance between bold color and neutral comfort.

A few other favorites from my week:

  • Loving the Orla Kiely home and garden collection and enjoyed seeing this post about her NY shop.
  • Speaking of color, I’d love to have something like this canopy wonderland in our backyard.
  • I always love seeing the details that a photographer chooses to capture in the city of Paris.
  • If you’re in the DFW area, my husband’s band is playing this weekend.

Happy Weekend!


I Heart: Paris in the Rain

The forecast for Paris next week: rainy and cool. While I’m a little bummed by the weather outlook, I’m happy to report that it’s making my packing a little easier. Looks like I won’t be wearing my new flatform sandals or any pretty spring skirts. Instead, I’ll be hiding under a trench coat, which means my packing list will pretty much consist of jeans, comfy flats and a few basic tops.

Something along the lines of this:

Trench CoatCrew Sweater, Striped TBright Pink BlouseSkinny JeansLarge ToteNude FlatsAnkle Strap Black Flats