Daily Life

Summer Vacation


We just returned from a trip to South Padre Island, a beach along the southern-most tip of Texas. Having visited Texas beaches along the gulf before, my expectations were fairly low and I left home with a ‘just happy to get away’ mindset. But once we arrived, I found that the South Padre beaches were not only nice, they were also relatively uncrowded for this time of year. J and J had a blast fighting the waves, boogie boarding and swimming in the hotel pool. We also visited Schlitterbahn Water Park, which I think the kids would list as their favorite part of the trip. My favorite was the Birding and Nature Center (where we fed birds right out of our hands) and, of course, the views of the ocean which provided quite a few opportunities to snap some gorgeous vacation photos. (more…)

Capes 4 Kids: A Charity Event in Downtown Dallas

The Hero Project: Capes 4 Kids

Yesterday we participated in Capes 4 Kids, a charity event in downtown Dallas. Organized by Union, the initiative is dedicated to making children in hospitals feel like superheroes, and to that end, volunteers gathered to create 150 capes for children. There was also a lot of cape wearing, cookie eating, band playing and general hanging out in a crazy awesome coworking space known as Common Desk.

We have been talking about getting our children involved in charity work, beyond donating toys and clothes and the occasional school fundraising activity, for quite awhile. As far as first charity events as a family go, this one was a huge success – though I’m not so sure Jason and Jenna contributed directly to the goal of making capes. They did, however, sport some pretty cool cape fashions and (more…)

Favorite Places: Farmers Branch Historical Park

Farmers Branch Historical Park

I love discovering something new in our hometown, and since our “hometown” is the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, there is quite a bit of ground to cover. In 7 years, we’ve yet to exhaust the list of great things to do with children. This weekend, we visited the Farmers Branch Historical Park for the first time. The 27-acre park is an outdoor museum of Texas heritage, with 12 historic structures dating from the 1860s to 1940s, including a school house, several log cabins, a general store and a caboose. (more…)

Snow Day Scenes


We’ve had a snow-filled week in Texas. Two canceled school days, one late start and one early dismissal, and now we’re heading into a weekend with a chance of more snow and freezing rain. As much as my plant-filled blog suggests that I’m wishing for sunshine and green trees, I have to admit (more…)

Weekend Snapshot

weekend snapshot

After weeks of gray skies, the sun finally made an appearance this weekend, and I spent much of my time soaking up evidence of the light with my camera. On a related note, I finally purchased a VSCO Film Pack, something I’ve wanted for quite awhile. The images in this weekend snapshot were all post-processed using VSCO Film 01, and I love the extra bit of drama it adds. (more…)

Weekend Snapshot

This weekend marked the first Thanksgiving holiday spent in our new house, and despite our grill running out of gas mid-turkey and a visit to the urgent care center (double ear infection), I’m calling this year a success. And the best part: we’ve started decorating for Christmas! Here are a few scenes from our holiday weekend: (more…)

Weekend Snapshot

It seems winter is already in full swing in Texas, and while I complain about the cold weather, I’m also enjoying being cooped up at home in front of the fire all day. We did almost nothing this weekend except build fires, watch movies and work on a few craft projects. The break from our hectic weekday schedule was just what I needed. Jenna, however, is already talking about all of the things she wants to do in summer.

Technology and Tinkering

Some thoughts on kids, technology and the new Tinker Crates from Kiwi Crate.

I read quite a bit about children and technology. As someone who works in the tech industry, the contradiction between being a designer who is constantly seeking out ‘the latest’ and being a parent who is simultaneously sheltering my kids from this same tendency is something I think about almost daily.

While we have boundaries in place like most parents (though I’ve read that parents in the tech industry tend to be stricter about screen time and device usage), we still struggle with creating a balance between ‘real’ and digital experiences. And as my kids made me realize last weekend when I looked out my window and saw the scene above, they don’t seem aware of a difference between real and digital.  (more…)

Weekend Snapshot

It was a full-on Fall weekend and we even had a slight dip in the Texas temperatures to prove it. We didn’t miss an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors – we attended an Oktoberfest, visited the massive pumpkin patch at the Arboretum and, of course, grilled hamburgers and hot dogs in the backyard.