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Thanksgiving Table: Last-Minute Name Card Ideas

Simple last-minute place card ideas for your Thanksgiving table.

When I wrapped up this project for my recent guest post on Modern Parents, Messy Kids, I was feeling well ahead of the Thanksgiving curve. Our linens were hand-stamped, our turkey napkin holders were created, and we still had several weeks to wrap up any outstanding details.

Now we’re less than 2 days from Thanksgiving, and the possibility of my daughter creating place cards using post-it notes is becoming more likely. Sadly, it wouldn’t be the first time she made impromptu name cards with post-it notes.

To avoid this fate, I’ve assembled a few ideas for super simple place cards, all of which use easy-to-find materials. Now I just have to choose a favorite.

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Holiday Gallery Wall

Add an easy-to-install / easy-to-remove gallery of Christmas Pasts with this simple tutorial. We do this every year.

Christmas Photo Cards are an annual tradition in our family. Last year I framed all of our past cards and displayed them in the kitchen during the holiday months (and maybe a few months after). This year, we’re continuing the tradition, but the addition of this year’s card caused us to exceed the wall space in the kitchen. Luckily we have a living room with completely bare walls just waiting to be filled. (more…)

Make Room for the Holidays: A Houseplant Update


Our houseplants have been thriving for nearly a year! Here's an update with links to helpful houseplant resources.

My decorating habits over the past few years have definitely followed a trend. Every holiday season, we fill our living room with a gigantic Christmas tree and other trimmings only to be struck by a sense of emptiness once said decorations are removed.  Every winter ends with me buying a large quantity of houseplants to fill in this void, and, by summer’s end, most of the plants have been moved to the curb. It’s a circle of life.

So when I wrote this post at the beginning of 2014, I had no idea that our plants would be doing so well by winter (more…)

Marble Paper Napkin Rings


Making my own marbled paper is something I’ve wanted to explore for awhile. I purchased a marbling paper kit for Jenna a couple of years ago and she absolutely loved it, but the primary colors included in the kit weren’t ideal for some of the decorative projects I had in mind.

After coming across a few posts about marbling with nail polish, I decided to experiment with marbling paper again. (more…)

Succulent Wreath Centerpiece

Step-by-step instructions for creating a succulent wreath. You can hang the wreath on a wall or use it as a centerpiece. I just made one this weekend and it was much easier than I expected.

This weekend I attended a succulent wreath-making class at the Arboretum taught by Cynthia Koogler of Flower Child Plants. Similar to the vertical succulent garden class I took in the spring, this class was lots of fun and resulted in a pretty awesome succulent arrangement. I hope to keep it alive, but I have a really bad track record with succulents. I should probably take a class dedicated to keeping succulents alive.  (more…)

Vintage Mirrors

Loving the trend of displaying a collection of vintage mirrors.

I recently came across a gorgeous vintage round mirror with geometric, faceted edges at an antique mall and couldn’t decide whether to purchase it. I love the look of vintage mirrors, but I’m never sure if adding a vintage piece into my mix of otherwise modern furniture will look cool and eclectic or cluttery and mismatched. I’ve been scouting out examples of vintage mirrors on Pinterest to help me decide.

I still haven’t decided.

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Halloween Raven Wreath


Create this modern raven-themed wreath for Halloween. So simple.

Over Christmas, I fell in love with a set of white feather wreaths from West Elm, and after purchasing them, I realized that they would have been really easy to make using feather boas. With Halloween coming up next month, I decided to try out my idea by using black feather boas to create a raven-themed wreath. (more…)

DIY Copper Accessories: Part 2

How to get on-trend copper home accessories by upcycling objects you already own. Part 2 of a 2-part series.

When I wrote this post earlier in the week about copper spray paint, I mentioned a similar project using copper contact paper. And while I had purchased the contact paper along with the spray paint, I hadn’t actually completed said project. Over the course of the week, I attempted to cover a small cylindrical vase with contact paper. Wow. I had no idea how difficult it would be. The sides of the vase were perfectly straight - no tapering at all – and, yet, there seemed to be no way the paper would adhere smoothly to the vase.

So that’s when I started thinking, how can I make this easier? (more…)

Our New Home: One-Year Anniversary


From blank canvas to fully furnished: Our living room before and after.This week’s start of a new school year also marks the one-year anniversary in our new house, something that has me thinking about how much the house now feels like our home. Last year at this time, I was writing about our ‘blank canvas‘ of a living room and sharing ideas about decorating a completely empty space.

Now that the room is mostly furnished, I’m turning my attention to the walls. (more…)