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Five Favorite Holiday Finds at Magnolia Market

Five favorite holiday finds from Magnolia Farms, the home decor shop of HGTV's Fixer Upper stars.

This weekend we visited Magnolia Market, the home decor shop owned by the stars of the HGTV series, Fixer Upper. We’ve been fans of the show for nearly a year now, and with Waco less than 2 hours away, we decided to take a road trip. I had visited their smaller shop over the summer, but was blown away by the significantly larger new location. With two giant silos, a garden, large lawn for children to play and two warehouse-sized showrooms, it was definitely worth the drive. In addition to the gorgeous holiday scenery, the market featured tons of products and ideas for decorating during the Christmas season. (more…)

Living Room Art

Our formal living room has remained void of any art on the walls since we moved in over two years ago. Something about the super high ceilings needing a certain scale of art left me feeling too intimidated to even begin. It was over a year ago that I started thinking about adding one or two large photos above our couch, and I even explored a few options in this post but never had the photographs printed. After returning from our northern California trip this summer, however, I finally decided to take the leap. (more…)

Painted Brick Fireplace

Painting a brick fireplace

Ever since moving into our house nearly two years ago, I’ve wanted to paint the dark brick wall in our living room. When I posted these images last year, I knew it would help motivate me to someday get the job done. That day was more like a span of 3 days (and I still have a few touch-ups and outlet covers to replace), but it’s largely complete and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. (more…)

Designing a Photo Gallery Wall

How to create a photo gallery wall with tips for designing a layout.

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been working on a photo gallery wall for in our family room for quite a while now. I love travel and I love photography, so a display of photos from our vacations over the years seemed like a perfect combination. But perfection isn’t what I was going for: I wanted a display of photos that was asymmetrical and a bit offbeat while still giving an overall impression of balance. Not an easy task … (more…)

Mini Gallery Wall


I’ve been working on a gallery wall in our family room for a couple of months now. Between selecting images, framing them, trying different layouts on the floor, deciding to change several photos and finally hanging them on the wall, it’s taken much longer to complete the gallery wall than I ever dreamed.

This week we finally finished our big wall of travel photos and I couldn’t be happier with the results. It was definitely worth the effort we put into it. And as a bonus, I had several pictures that ended up not making the cut for the family room gallery, so I’ve started another gallery wall in my office. (more…)

Six Sources for Affordable Art

My top 6 favorite sites for affordable art.

I’ve been working on creating a gallery wall of photos for a few months now, and I’m finally *almost* ready to start adding art to a large empty wall in our living room. The imagery is mostly my own photography from our travels and family photos, but I’ve also added a few prints into the mix. I did quite a bit of research before selecting the prints, so I thought I would share some of my favorites. Just compiling these examples has made me re-think my initial selections – so many great images out there, it’s hard to choose! (more…)

Flower Box Centerpiece for Spring

Create a flower box centerpiece for spring with an easy  Easter-theme transition.

Happy Spring! Now that Easter is right around the corner, I decided to add a little Spring-time update to our dining room. Like other rooms in our house, we’ve decorated in a modern rustic style with simple furniture, a muted color palette and lots of houseplants for accents. To add a few simple Easter touches, I designed a flower box centerpiece for our table and added this customizable bunting banner from Minted’s spring collection to our wall. (more…)

Air Plants: Care and Styling

Air Plants: Learn how to care for air plants and get ideas for incorporating them into your home decor.My success with houseplants over the past year has given me a bit of courage to try new – and possibly not-so-hardy – varieties, so last week I purchased a collection of air plants. Since I’m not very familiar with air plants, I decided on this set which features 10 different varieties for about $25.

I love the look of air plants and the added flexibility of not having to plant them in soil – it opens up all sorts of decorating possibilities. By ordering a variety, I’m able to experiment a bit and determine which ones I like the best and which ones prove to be the easiest to care for. (more…)

Spring Update: Six Low-Light Houseplants

Six fool-proof, low-light houseplants.

Every year about this time, I go on a houseplant shopping spree. Last year, the living room was the primary recipient of the new greenery, and my selection of plants centered around easy-to-maintain varieties. Purchasing hard-to-kill plants paid off, as many of last year’s additions are still alive and well.  This year, I’m taking a similar approach but since most of the plants will be placed in my office, a dark room with dark wood panelling, I decided I needed plants that also thrive in low-light conditions. The windows in my office are southern facing with a tree just outside blocking much of the light for all but an hour or two or so each day. As a result, low-light plants were definitely the only option. (more…)

Wish List: Desk Lighting

Desks have been quite a focus at our house lately: we recently added a desk to Jenna’s room, Jason’s desk received a Lego makeover and my desk, well, let’s just say that you can finally see it. Spending so much time at our desks has made me realize that we’re incredibly lacking in the lighting department, especially when it comes to my own workspace. Maybe one of these will make an appearance soon:

Desk Lamps: My Top Picks

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