Happy Five

Explaining to an almost-five-year-old that he isn’t five on the day of his birthday party is nearly impossible. I gave up on that conversation fairly quickly. But today is Jason’s actual birthday. To commemorate, I took photos of all of the ‘5’s I saw during our trip to Disneyland.

Happy REAL birthday, Jason!

A Bug’s Land, Disney California Adventure

Space Mountain, Disneyland

Toy Story Mania, Disney California Adventure

Space Mountain, Disneyland

Promotional Poster, Disney California Adventure

Star Tours, Disneyland

Soarin’ Over California, Disney California Adventure

Weekend Top 5: Disneyland

The month of non-stop festivities continued this weekend at Disneyland, where Jason completed Jedi training, Jenna met a few princesses, and we all visited with our cousins. Just another day in the life …

View of ‘World of Colors’ from Our Room

Jason Battles Darth Vader during Jedi Training

Jason’s Favorite Ride: Star Tours

Jenna Takes Time Out to Dance

Hangin’ With On the Cousins