Succulent Wreath Centerpiece

Step-by-step instructions for creating a succulent wreath. You can hang the wreath on a wall or use it as a centerpiece. I just made one this weekend and it was much easier than I expected.

This weekend I attended a succulent wreath-making class at the Arboretum taught by Cynthia Koogler of Flower Child Plants. Similar to the vertical succulent garden class I took in the spring, this class was lots of fun and resulted in a pretty awesome succulent arrangement. I hope to keep it alive, but I have a really bad track record with succulents. I should probably take a class dedicated to keeping succulents alive.  (more…)

Weekend Snapshot

It was a full-on Fall weekend and we even had a slight dip in the Texas temperatures to prove it. We didn’t miss an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors – we attended an Oktoberfest, visited the massive pumpkin patch at the Arboretum and, of course, grilled hamburgers and hot dogs in the backyard.


DIY Copper Accessories: Part 2

How to get on-trend copper home accessories by upcycling objects you already own. Part 2 of a 2-part series.

When I wrote this post earlier in the week about copper spray paint, I mentioned a similar project using copper contact paper. And while I had purchased the contact paper along with the spray paint, I hadn’t actually completed said project. Over the course of the week, I attempted to cover a small cylindrical vase with contact paper. Wow. I had no idea how difficult it would be. The sides of the vase were perfectly straight – no tapering at all – and, yet, there seemed to be no way the paper would adhere smoothly to the vase.

So that’s when I started thinking, how can I make this easier? (more…)

I Heart: October Festivities

October has been standing out lately as my favorite month of the year. We have lots to celebrate this month – our anniversary, Jason’s birthday, and, of course, Halloween. But I also love October because it’s one of the few months when the weather is usually pretty great in Texas, which means lots of outdoor time. The month also seems to spark a renewed interest in cooking and baking for me (not to mention eating … especially outdoors).

Here are a few things inspiring me this October:

Friday Fall-ish Favorites and a Mini DIY

Are you as ready for fall as I am? It’s going to be in the 90s this weekend, but that didn’t stop me from updating my mantel this week. It’s still slightly summer-ish: succulents and what my husband calls “weeds from our yard” are featured prominently. But with the addition of a bit of yarn, they look much cozier, right?

To make the yarn containers, I gathered up some plants, votives and other glass containers along with a selection of yarn. I used a glue gun to place a small line of glue near the base of the container. I secured one end of the yarn and then worked my way up. At the top, I simply tucked the other end of the yarn underneath the previous rows instead of adding more glue. I think it will be easier to remove later.

Are you planning any mini home makeovers for Fall? Here are a few more bits of inspiration:

Happy Weekend!

Kirigami Leaf Votives

Last year I came across these patterns for Japanese kirigami leaves, which are really easy to make and result in a beautiful repetition of leaf shapes. Although it’s far from being fall here in Texas, I’m eager to start bringing an autumn look to our home, so I decided to use the kirigami patterns to create a set of votives for our table.

Here are the materials you’ll need:

  • Paper (standard weight works better than cardstock)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Decoupage glue
  • Balloons
  • String
  • Votive candles and candle holders

I started by printing and cutting out the patterns (found here). Next, I folded the paper according to the instructions and traced the leaf pattern onto the paper.

I cut out the leaf, creating a series of attached leaves in a circular shape.

I prepared the balloons in advance, and then dipped the leaves in glue and carefully placed them on a balloon. I let them dry for about 8 hours and then popped the balloons and peeled the leaves away. There was quite a bit of excess dried glue between the leaves that I also had to remove.

Finally, I added votives to the center.

DIY Leaf Garland

Jenna and I made a leaf garland this weekend using leaves we collected in our neighborhood. Here’s how we made it:

We painted the leaves with Modge Podge, let them dry and then flattened them overnight in a book.

The next morning, we painted them gold. This was definitely Jenna’s favorite part. We used a children’s metallic gold tempera paint that was really lightweight and didn’t cover the natural colors of the leaves.

Once the leaves were dry, we arranged them on a piece of twine.

And then we taped the backs of the leaves to the twine.

And then we placed the garland on our fireplace. All done.

Wish List: Bows

I’m loving all of the bows popping up in Jenna-sized clothing this fall. I’m not sure if it’s the unexpected girlishness in the otherwise menswear-inspired pieces, or the fact that they’re appearing in my favorite color palette: black, gray, camel and muted pink. If only they came in mommy sizes.

Sources: Phillip Lim Cardigan ($175), Zara Sweater Coat ($46), Zara Ballon Skirt ($40), Peek Bow Tee ($34), Crewcuts Puffer Coat ($128), Crewcuts Crinkly Lame Headband ($15), Crewcuts Silk Bow Shirt ($36), Zara Herringbone Dress ($30)