DIY Skeleton Princess Jewelry

Easy and inexpensive ideas for making skeleton princess - or other spooky costume - jewelry for Halloween. #costumes #children #halloween

Jenna has asked to be a skeleton princess for Halloween. While past years have been filled with ladybug, kitten and other sweet costume themes, this year is the first time that something on the spookier side has been requested. Kind of a turning point, I think.

In addition to her dress (which we purchased here), she’s also asked for matching jewelry. We decided to make the jewelry ourselves, and last weekend we got started on a few rings and necklaces. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out, and even if I don’t dress up this year, I’ll definitely be sporting some matching skeleton princess rings.

Halloween Raven Wreath


Create this modern raven-themed wreath for Halloween. So simple.

Over Christmas, I fell in love with a set of white feather wreaths from West Elm, and after purchasing them, I realized that they would have been really easy to make using feather boas. With Halloween coming up next month, I decided to try out my idea by using black feather boas to create a raven-themed wreath.

Here are the materials I used:

  • Styromfoam wreath
  • Black satin ribbon
  • 2 black feather boas (6ft each)
  • Several straight pins and t-pins
  • Black faux tree branch
  • Craft store raven bird (from Michaels)
  • Additional ribbon for hanging

Here’s how I made the wreath:

Create this modern raven-themed wreath for Halloween. So simple.

I started by wrapping black ribbon around the wreath so that the white didn’t peek through the boas. I secured the ribbon with a straight pin at each end.

Create this modern raven-themed wreath for Halloween. So simple.

Next, I wrapped the boas around the wreath, also securing the ends with straight pins.

Create this modern raven-themed wreath for Halloween. So simple.

Once the boas were wrapped evenly around the wreath, I added the decorative elements. I chose a black branch and raven, but owls, spiders and other Halloween accessories would work great too. I used t-pins to attach the branch and bird to the wreath.

Create this modern raven-themed wreath for Halloween. So simple.


Once the wreath was complete, I wrapped a strand of ribbon around the top to hang it on the wall.

Candy Bar S’mores

candy bar s'mores

We had A TON of candy leftover from Halloween. This was our first Halloween in our new house, and we had no idea that only one group of kids would ring our doorbell for candy. Two weeks later and we still have bags of candy in our cupboards. So when I was assembling a s’mores bar for a party we had this weekend, an idea hit me: candybar s’mores! The mini Hershey’s bars are obviously perfect for this, but I also added peanut butter cups, Crunch bars and Kit Kats.

I completely failed to take any pictures at our party, but here are a few pre-party shots of the set-up. I think the Reese’s peanut butter cups were the party favorite. We’ll definitely be trying this again … especially since we still haven’t eaten all of our candy.

candy bar s'mores

A Haunted Dollhouse Mansion

turn a dollhouse into a haunted mansion for halloween

One of the things that continues to amaze me about my kids is how they integrate seemingly unrelated elements into their games. At times it’s intentional – like when Jason told Jenna that they could play Star Wars birthday party in order to combine his interests (Star Wars) with hers (parties and cupcakes). Other times it’s seems more natural, like when Minions, Angry Birds and other characters inhabit Lego structures and drive Lego vehicles. My favorite combinations are those that involve the interpretation of a digital game in a non-digital format – like when Jason was grounded from the iPad and decided to make his own tablet … out of Legos.

Seeing their imaginations at work is pretty awesome, and every once in awhile, I like to attempt a toy mash-up of my own. So this Halloween, I converted Jenna’s dollhouse into a haunted house using toys and crafting supplies I had on hand. Jenna was pretty excited when she came home from school to find her dollhouse had been taken over by evil spirits. But she also requested that as soon as Halloween is over, we decorate her dollhouse for Christmas. Oh dear.

a halloween dollhouse

halloween dollhouse detail

a halloween dollhouse

halloween dollhouse

Lego Monster Party Prep

With just one week until Jason’s 6th birthday party, I went into Lego overload this weekend. The theme is Lego Monster Mash, a mash-up of Lego and Halloween. Here’s a peak at the party planning, along with a few templates.

Lego eye photo booth props: PDF template

Mr. Lego Pumpkin Head

Lego Mummy Juice Boxes: PDF of the Lego eyes

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Halloween Costume: Kitty Cat

Sources: Furry Vest / Kitty Ears / Leggings / Tail Tutorial / Make-up Whiskers / Slippers

Jenna is very specific about what she wants to be for Halloween this year. A Kitty. A White Kitty. With Whiskers.

I love homemade costumes. But since I don’t sew, ‘homemade’ mostly means ‘assembled.’ I’ve pretty much got Jenna’s costume nailed with the items above, two of which she already owns, but Jason’s costume will be more of a challenge. He’s decided on “Kai” from the Lego Ninjago video game. At first I thought this would be as simple as a trip to the party store. I’ve been to two so far, each time receiving blank stares from the staff when I describe the character: “It’s a ninja and a Lego …”  Hmmm.