Friday Favorites: Instagram Edition

a beautiful mess

a beautiful mess

My love of Instagram is not letting up, and the new A Beautiful Mess app is only increasing my fun. Have you tried it yet? It lets you add text, drawings and borders to your pics – so many possibilities. Here are a few other favorites from my week:

Happy Holiday Weekend!

Friday (Insta)Favorites

instagram pics

Something simple that I’m enjoying this holiday season is capturing little holiday details, sharing them on Instagram and seeing others do the same. I’ve also been participating in a couple of series lately. The #happyholigram tag is one of my favorites. Are you on Instagram? Share your name so I can follow along with your festivities this holiday season.

Here are a few other favorites from my week:

Happy Weekend!

Instatime: A DIY Instagram Clock

Jason is starting kindergarten this year, and I’ve recently started talking to him about what to expect at school – the activities he’ll be doing, how he’ll get there, when he’ll come home, etc. And since I’m pretty obsessed with Instagram, I decided to make a clock using pictures I’ve taken of his daily activities. This way, he’ll have a visual depiction of his day. Now maybe he’ll learn what to expect when school starts and – even better – learn how to tell time. I think it might be catching on. When I first gave him the clock yesterday afternoon, he immediately told his sister it was time for playdough. Lesson learned.

I’m working on a step-by-step tutorial, but here’s a sneak peek:

From This

To This