Guest Post: Open Shelving Display

Open kitchen shelving with a DIY project for labelled jars.

We’ve just returned from a week-long vacation to Florida, and while the rest of the world is defining big aspirations for the year ahead, I’m setting a goal to crawl out from under a massive pileĀ of laundry before returning to work on Monday.

For those of you ready to tackle bigger home organization goals, here’s a post I shared earlier this week on Modern Parents, Messy Kids about my recent updates to my open kitchen shelving, including a tutorial on labelled glass jars. Definitely a great project for anyone in need of more pantry storage.

Home Decor Contest: Room and Board

We are huge fans of the home furniture store, Room and Board. In fact, we recently replaced the light in our kitchen area with a Nelson Bubble Lamp from Room and Board. Last week I found out that they’re hosting a Pinterest room design competition. To enter, you pin a photo of an area in your home that you’d like to update with Room and Board home accessories and then pin items from their collection that you would select to design your new space. The winners receive $1000 gift certificates. Here’s the board I started this week. Wish me luck!

Nature Collage Placemats

We make lots of collages at our house – mostly out of stickers, paper scraps and magazine cutouts. While creating collages is usually about the process itself – exploring shapes, colors, textures and developing fine motor skills – today’s collage activity gave our glueing and sticking a greater purpose: making placemats.

I started out by cutting tree, butterfly, flower and leave shapes and creating a “starter placemat” with grass and a tree. I let Jason and Jenna select shapes and attach them to their placemat. After the glue dried, I used clear contact paper to cover both sides.

Here’s the starter placemat:

Nature Collage: Getting Started

Here is the finished product:

Jenna's Collage Placemat

Jason's Collage Placemat

Jason's Collage Placemat