Jason’s Legoland Birthday Party

legoland birthday party

This weekend, we celebrated Jason’s 7th birthday with his friends at Legoland Discovery Center, probably one of his favorite places in the whole world. I love throwing birthday parties for Jason and Jenna, but this one was almost entirely handled by the nice people of Lego. In fact, both my husband and I had trouble leaving the house because we felt like we were forgetting something.  This was by far the easiest of all of our kids’ birthday parties so far, and while I miss the fun of planning and creating, I also know that Jason could not have been happier with his party.

legoland birthday partyMy only two additions to an otherwise ‘store-bought’ party were the very cute Lego-themed invitations from Tiny Prints and the party favors.

legoland birthday party invitations by Tiny Prints

For the favors, I ordered a Lego stamp and created Lego-themed notebooks and carrying cases to hold the notebooks and a few other goodies. I’m not a big fan of giving (or receiving) favors that will just be thrown away, so I usually try to create something with a longer shelf life. Jason and Jenna are always packing up cases, bags and other containers with toys to take on the go, so when I saw these little suitcases at Target, I knew they’d be a perfect favor box.

legoland birthday party

The cake was provided by Legoland and Jason wasn’t too pleased when I wiped all of the dye-filled frosting off his piece. Sorry, Jason.

legoland birthday party

Our friend Dustin’s handmade gift-wrap has become a tradition at Jason’s birthdays, and this year’s design didn’t disappoint.

legoland birthday party

Happy Birthday, Jason!

Lego Monster Party Prep

With just one week until Jason’s 6th birthday party, I went into Lego overload this weekend. The theme is Lego Monster Mash, a mash-up of Lego and Halloween. Here’s a peak at the party planning, along with a few templates.

Lego eye photo booth props: PDF template

Mr. Lego Pumpkin Head

Lego Mummy Juice Boxes: PDF of the Lego eyes

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Make a Lego Garland

Make a Lego Garland

Jason is having a Lego-themed birthday party this year, and after considering Lego Police, Lego Ninjago and nearly every other Lego-related theme, we’ve finally settled on a mash-up of Legos and Halloween. It will be somewhat based on the new Lego Monster series, but I’ll be taking lots of liberties. I haven’t really worked out many of the details yet – and at two weeks away, his party is going to be the least-prepared for party ever – but I’m feeling pretty confident that I can pull something together in the next couple of weeks. In fact, I finished the invitations this weekend and even put together a little garland, which Jason seems pretty happy with.

To attach the Legos to the twine, I added a row of glue near the very top of the brick, placed the string on top and then added a bit more glue over the string to keep it secure. Jason doesn’t usually get excited about garlands, but this one he definitely loves.