A Spa Birthday Party and Printable Invitations

Hosting a Spa Party for Young Girls or Teens: Download Free Editable Invitations

We’ve reached the age where most children are begging to host their birthday parties at the local trampoline park, bowling alley or [insert latest craze]. My children – not so much. They still love having their parties at home, which I should take as a compliment since for the past 8 years I’ve invested so much planning and creativity into making their birthday celebrations extra awesome.

This year, however, I just haven’t been feeling it, and I was really looking forward to embracing the packaged party concept. Jenna held strong to her desire to throw a Disney Frozen party at our house … until I suggested the local girly spa. Spa party? She loved the idea. (more…)

Easter Printables

Download free Easter printables to label candies, cookies and other holiday goodies.  Two sheets of designs.

St. Patrick’s Day has never been a big holiday at our house, which is surprising given our love of gold-wrapped chocolates. Instead, we move quickly from Valentine’s Day to Easter. In fact, last weekend we raided the storage closet and found our Easter holiday storage bins. Once the baskets and masses of plastic eggs were freed, we immediately started started playing ‘Easter Egg hunt.’ Let’s just consider it practice for the big day. (more…)

Happy Friday and Free Halloween Printables

Instead of my usual Friday Favorites today, I’m sharing some Halloween labels that I made this week. Yes, it’s not even October but the Halloween season is well underway at our house. If you ask Jenna what we’re doing this weekend, she’ll probably tell you ‘baking pumpkin cookies.’ And she’d probably be right.

Happy Weekend!

See below for the links to download this series of 4 label designs.


Free Easter Printables

Are you making cookies for Easter this year? We are! And we’ll be packaging them up for our friends like this:

The Files:

Save/Print File 1 (JPG)

Save/Print File 2 (JPG)


  • Click the link/s above to save and print the file/s.
  • Once your labels are printed, you can cut them out by hand or use a 3 1/2 inch circle paper punch. Note: the circles are slightly larger than 3 1/2 inches in diameter. I find this makes it easier to not end up with white along the edges.
  • Glue the labels to your packaging (you could use gift boxes, paper bags, etc.)

Update: Be sure to check out our latest free Easter printables (8 new designs)!

Download free Easter printables to label candies, cookies and other holiday goodies.  Two sheets of designs.