DIY Holiday Teacher Gift

Easy diy for kids: personalized mugs as gifts for teachers during the holidays

We aren’t the most original when it comes to gift-giving to teachers during the holidays. I think I’ve given a coffee mug and Starbucks gift card to my children’s teachers for both Christmas and Valentine’s day every year since they started school. This year isn’t entirely different; however, I did deviate from my night-before-the-classroom-party run to Starbucks by planning a week in advance AND organizing a mug decorating craft so that my children could create a personalized cup for each of their teachers. (more…)

Homemade Pizza Lunch Kit

My daughter is always asking for Lunchables and Revolution lunch kits, so I created a homemade version of an assemble-your-own pizza kit.

Jenna started asking for Lunchables last year after seeing some of her classmates bring them for lunch. Not wanting to give her pre-packaged, highly-processed foods, I never gave in to the request. This year, she spotted the Revolution Foods brand of pre-made lunch kits at the grocery store and asked if we could try them. After reading the ingredients, which admittedly are better than Lunchables, I decided to buy a couple of kits even though I still wasn’t entirely comfortable with the pre-package food concept.

My daughter tried the first one at home over the weekend, mostly because I was curious about the contents of the box and how easily she would be able to assemble the pizza on her own. (more…)

Classroom Gift: Secret Santa Starter Kit

Great idea for classroom gifts or craft: create a santa beard

I signed up to bring gifts for the goody bags for my son’s Christmas party this year. I’m not a big fan of bags full of plastic toys, and I think most readers of this site know my policy on candy containing artificial dyes, so I mostly signed up for this task to provide an alternative to the usual goody bag fare.

As I walked the aisles of Target, I realized that non-plastic, non-candy goodies weren’t so easy to come by. But eventually the idea of creating a “Santa Disguise Kit” popped into my mind, and I set out to find materials for creating a santa beard.

These were super easy and inexpensive to make. Here are the materials I used:

make a santa beard: materials

The stretchy string was purchased at Michaels but everything else can be found at the grocery store. If you don’t have a hole punch, you can make a small incision with scissors to thread the string through.

Here are the steps to create the beards:

how to make a santa beard

I cut out the top section of the plate and then folded it in half to cut out the mouth shape. Next, I used the paper punch to cut small circles into each side of the beard and threaded the string though the holes, tying each end in a knot. I applied glue to the paper plate in sections and stretched each cotton ball a bit before gluing it to the plate.

Once the beards were complete, I packaged them up in lunch-sized bags and attached some instructions for playing “secret santa” at home.

secret santa starter kit: make a santa beard as a classroom gift or craft

Oh, and I also asked Jenna to model my design. She is one serious secret Santa:

secret jenna santa

Happy Graduation!


Jason graduated from kindergarten today. And I have to admit, I completely underestimated the significance of this event. Other parents arrived with balloons, flowers, gifts and cameras appropriate for documenting such an event. I arrived at the tail-end of a conference call armed solely with my iPhone. But to make up for it, we’re heading out to dinner and letting him choose the restaurant. His choice: steak at “the kibachi.” Yay, Jason!!!