valentine’s day craft

Four Fun Crafts for Valentine’s Day

Four DIY craft projects I'm hoping to tackle soon with the help of  my new neighborhood Michaels store. #madewithMichaels

A new Michael’s store is opening in my neighborhood this weekend, and last night I attended an opening event to preview the store. Wow. I definitely know what I’ll be doing this weekend and nearly every weekend after: crafting.

I’ve already started perusing my Pinterest boards for my next projects. Here are four craft ideas on my wish list, all of which would make perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day. (more…)

Daily Art: Dyed Hearts

I think Jenna would have dyed paper hearts all day. After raiding a fair amount of our coffee filters, I finally had to tell her that we were out of hearts and would have to buy more at the store. Here’s how we made them:

First, I cut a bunch of hearts out of coffee filters.

Next, I prepared the dye using food coloring.

Then I let Jason and Jenna dip the hearts into the dye, just like making Easter Eggs.

And then Jenna added a extra drop of red on each one.

They had made over 60 hearts by the time I cut Jenna off. I think we’ll have a Valentine’s Day card-making activity soon!