Fabric Heart Pocket Valentines

Fabric Heart Pocket Valentine's

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The above sew adorable valentine’s are Jenna’s classroom Valentine’s this year. Her love of sewing is still going strong, as is her love of little pockets. They are making appearances on everything she makes, from pencil bags to pillows to little stuffed animals. So much awesome.

Hope you’re having a great day!

Lego Valentine’s: Free Printables

Lego Valentines: Free Printables for Classroom Valentine Cards

Last year at this time I hadn’t even started on the classroom Valentines until a couple of days before the parties, which resulted in a mad dash to cut, fold and stuff 20 Minecraft boxes on February 13th. This year, I’m way ahead of the game. Jason’s Lego-themed Valentines are complete, which might have something to do with my much simpler approach this time.

Jenna helped me write the phrases for the cards. “Never Lego My Heart” – that’s all her. “We Click” – that one’s mine, and Jenna assures me that it won’t make any sense to 2nd-graders. Oh well, I went with it anyway. (more…)

Photo Prop Valentine’s

photo prop valentine's

I finished Jenna’s watercolor set Valentine’s on Friday, and this weekend I moved on to Jason’s. Both of their schools no longer allow candy, so I had to come up with fun gift options of the non-sugary variety. Mustaches are hysterical to J+J these days, so when I saw these paper mustaches, I decided on a photo prop theme.

photo prop valentine's

Here are the templates that I used for the cards and eyebrows:

  • Cards (Print on 8 x 11 paper and cut into thirds)
  • Eyebrows (Print on 8 x 11 paper, cut out individually and attach eyes)

I purchased die-cut paper mustaches, but you could also print and cut these mustaches

Watercolor Set Valentine

give art for valentine's day

watercolor set valentine

watercolor set valentine

watercolor set valentine

Jenna’s class has a Valentine’s Day party next week, and since candy is not allowed, I wanted to include a gift item that all of the kids would like. Jenna loves art, so watercolor sets were a perfect fit. I found a batch of inexpensive watercolors at the craft store and then set to work. My first step was figuring out what the Valentine’s would say. This was much harder than I expected, and my husband and I brainstormed for quite awhile to come up with ideas. I also found a great resource for all sorts of Valentine’s puns, and two of my final messages came from this list. I especially love these because Jenna helped paint them!